About the Series

The Underdogs of Comedy was filmed live in 2015, over 3 nights, at the Underdog, in Edmonton, Canada.

Jeff and I first discovered the Underdog Comedy Show as fans wanting to check out local performers, and we were so fully dazzled by the calibre of what we saw that it seemed like a no-brainer to share it with everybody we could. The easiest way to do that seemed to be to shoehorn ourselves into the close quarters of the Underdog with some friends and bunch of cameras.

Our co-producer, Simon Gorsak, along with the whole crew of Underdog comics, generously welcomed us over the course of three weeks, and while this season is only 6 episodes long, it’s certainly not because there weren’t more funny people we could have included.

It may surprise you (yes, you) to learn that Edmonton has become a hotbed of alternative comedy, with shows popping up all over the city. Alongside well-known rooms like Yuk Yuk’s and the Comic Strip, showcases can be found at all kinds of venues like The Empress, The Buckingham, The Underdog, El Cortez, and more. These rooms are arguably Edmonton’s best kept secret, with exciting new comics working out material on the regular. If you like this series even a little bit, do yourself a favour and seek out the live version - it’s not to be missed.


Thank you

We’d like to thank all of the Underdog comics for sharing their work with us; our friends Gregg and Erin Beever along with Mark Jowett - the best ass. cam crew in the biz; the fine folks at the Black Dog who let us in the door, and especially our dear friend and co-producer Simon Gorsak, without whom this would be one more half-baked idea in our jar.

We hope you enjoy the show.